Saudi Arabian Golf Federation

CONGU Handicapping

The Saudi Arabian Golf Federation is affiliated to CONGU - the Council of National Golf Unions - which is a body providing handicapping rules and systems worldwide.  With Scotland, England, Ireland & Wales as the home unions, several other countries worldwide use the CONGU system including Kenya, Mauritius, Bahrain as well as specific clubs worldwide.

The CONGU system is based around a single handicap per player, with courses rated for difficulty to produce what is known as a Standard Scratch Score (SSS).  For each qualifying competition, the makeup and performance of the field is then used to create a Competition Scratch Score (CSS), which is an adjustment to the SSS.

The difference between a player's score, adjusted for any exceptionally poor holes, and the CSS is then used to adjust the handicap.

The Saudi Arabian Golf Federation uses intelligentgolf to process its handicapping, and to run the centralised system which manages away scores and handicap validation.

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